surfer and skatebosrder

Programs and Courses



HONOR 313. Surfing and the Anthropological Lens (3) 

[Enrollment in Weber Honors College required] 
Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in HONOR 113.
An introduction to understanding aspects of cultural anthropology by investigating the many layers within the world of surfing. 

MALAS 585 - Seminar in the Histories and Cultures of Skateboarding (3)

Prerequisites: CCS 275, HIST 114, or graduate standing
Culture and practice of skateboarding around the world. How skateboarding intersects with art, athleticism, class, commerce, gender, music, race, and space. 

RTM 102. Wellness and Recreation for Life Through Surfing (3)

Links between recreation, society, and wellness through surfing culture and lifestyle. Wellness dimensions and incorporation throughout one’s life via surfing or other recreation-driven lifestyles.  

SOC 330. Cultural and Historical Origins of Surfing (3) [GE]

Prerequisites: SOC 101  or Sport and Society Minor.
Surfing from Hawaiian origins to the early 20th century. Special emphasis upon cultural differences between Polynesian and Western societies. Phenomenology of surfing.

SOC 331. Modern Surfing and Globalized Society (3)

Prerequisites: SOC 101  or Sport and Society Minor.
History and impacts of surfing on popular culture. Representation of the surfer image in global media. Growth of the surfing and surf tourism industries.